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Error when using Robotiq 2F85 gripper with UR3 arm in simulation


I tried to generate motion only the motion of the gripper in one of the stages of simulation but when I edited the value of d1 for the gripper parameter and then when I checked the joint values of UR3, the values changed to theta1 = whatever d1 value I changed to and the rest to 0. 

So, as of now I am not able to generate gripper motion in combination with the robot motion. I have attached screenshots for reference.

As you can see, the first screenshot has the robot joint values and then once I changed the configuration of robotiq gripper to 40, and then look at the ur3 joint values, you can see they are changed to 40,0,0,0,0,0.

Can someone help if am doing something wrong or if it is indeed a bug. I also posted by tree for reference.

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Never mind, looks like I need to treat them as separate robots and can't program them together in a single go. I got the reference frames wrong in this case. Sorry about that.

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