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Error while generating program..

When program includes moveC command this error message appears.

Error! Make Instruction failed: 4 MoveC (Target 3, Target 4)

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Can you provide the RoboDK project file?
Hello, Im sending project file.. I was trying same with robot and postprocessor Kuka but the same result..


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.rdk   Racer.rdk (Size: 813.63 KB / Downloads: 476)
The problem is that Target 3 and Target 4 (the targets used by MoveC) are joint targets. I recommend you to change them to Cartesian targets.

We are updating RoboDK to support passing joint targets for Circular moves to the post processor (the update should be available next week). However, most robot controllers and/or post processors won't support this feature.
Thank You for information.
I'il try moveC in joints with comau robot and take a note.

Ok I trying in win c5g make circular move with two joints but command is too long for ide editor of comau.
but when i normally add two joint points and make circular movement robot has no problem make movement..
Which reminds me that will be good when robodk comau postpocessor can be make also pdl file for var file not only pdl with cod file commands but thats on another topic.

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You can easily configure your Comau post processor to output targets as a XTNDPOS:
  1. Open your Comau post file in a text editor: C:/RoboDK/Posts/
  2. Locate the variable EXT_POSEXT towards the top and change it to False. 
You'll then see the target output defined as variables in the PDL files.


# Object class that handles the robot instructions/syntax
class RobotPost(object):
   # Set EXT_POSEXT to define external axes as POSEXT variables (inlined)
   # If set to False, it will use XTNDPOS instead
   EXT_POSEXT = False
Thank you,
I will try it.

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