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Error while opening DXF file format
I am getting an error when starting DXF2Code. Does anyone know the solution? 
I couldn't see anything about this "cx_freeze" error in the forum. 
Also, I don't have Chris Folder in Users when I try to locate the path
I tried to reinstall Robodk and DXF2Gcode multiple times

There is a screenshot in the attachment.

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I have exactly the same problem. Did you solved it ?
I got dxf2gcode from "". Is there any other place to get it ?
No, i am not able to solve this.
Also, I got the dxf2gcode from the mentioned website. but did not try with other sources. If you find any solution, can you please post it
The 2022 version of DXF2GCODE seems to be causing an issue with RoboDK.
We will fix that once the team is back from the AUTOMATE show. 

For now, I suggest you use the 2019 version, you can download it in the "Files" section of the download website.

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