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Example 3 - Drawing with a Robot

Good afternoon,

My company wants to start using your software to create programs to a UR10 that we have.

We are right now checking your trial version and looks really great. Really interested to start working with your software.

My question is. We want to simulate drwaing a svg image like you provide with example "Example 03 - Drawing with a robot" with a UR10, but if we switch to this robot it gave a error "name 'strproblems' is not defined". 

Do we need to change some configuration? It's this example available to UR10?

Kind regards,

Daniel Vieira
I recommend you to update RoboDK to the latest version to fix this issue.

If you are on a Windows 64 bit PC:
Thank you very much for the quick response. In the end it was a issue of the robot position. I changed the distance and it worked perfectly. Thank you very much.


Daniel Vieira

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