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Export Simulation File Slow loading

Hi Jeremy,

I like using the export simulation to allow clients to look at different concepts for automation but the
html files take a very long time to load (3-10 mins).  The file sizes I typically record are between 100 and 500 MB.
Is there a way to make the files load quicker or can I somehow extract an MP4 file from the simulation file ?


Hi John,

We just released RoboDK for Web yesterday. You can easily export your simulations as HTML links like this one:

Simply update RoboDK to the latest version and you should see the export as a public web link option when you select File-Export Simulation.

More information about RoboDK for Web here:
To extract a MP4 you can do the same thing as I do for my tutorials or marketing videos, you can use OBS to simply record your screen.

Find useful information about RoboDK and its features by visiting our Online Documentation and by watching tutorials on our Youtube Channel


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