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Export simulation orthographic view & export video

Hi, is it possible to set the view in an exported simulation (html) to orthographic instead of perspective? It is difficult to analyse movements in perspective view.

Related, is there script available or some other way to export a video of a station in movement?

Best regards,

Yes, it is possible to set the view to orthographic or perspective in the display settings:
  • Select Tools-Options
  • Select the Display tab
  • Choose the Projection type
We usually use OBS Studio to record a screen and obtain a video file such as MP4 (free software). Alternatively, we have an app called Record that allows you to record the 3D view. You can also export a RoboDK for Web project as a link (select File-Export simulation).
Hi Albert, setting Tools>Options>Display>Projection type works for RoboDK itself, but has no effect on an exported simulation in html format, which remains perspective view. Can the view settings for this exported simulation be changed?
It is not possible to change this setting for exported HTML simulations.

However, we could add a shortcut or a workaround for a RoboDK for Web exported station link.

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