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Exporting simulation from RoboDK


I need help. I have a problem with lagging when exporting simulation to HTML file. Everything works nice and smooth when I run programs inside the RoboDK mainframe, but when I export it from RoboDK it moves strangely in steps. How can I get exported simulation to be smooth like simulation in RoboDK?

Thank you!

If you can send me your station, I can take a look. Ideally it should work fine when you export to HTML.
Dear Vineet,

I attached the RDK station.

Thank you!

Attached Files
.rdk   Oznacavanje_kapa_v.rdk (Size: 7.93 MB / Downloads: 400)
If you want the exported simulation to be played slowly you can reduce the simulation speed and the simulation will be recorded with better time resolution and more time frames.

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