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External axis control

I have the attached setup in which I want the robot to weld on a tube using an APT file generated by CAM software. The expected behaviour is: the robot approach and then the external axis turn until the end of the first layer, then the robot retracts and wait for the external axis to return the start position/or the external axis change the rotation, and so on until the end of the trajectory.

What I got is that the external axis turns and arrive at its limits without finishing the first layer, so the robot tries to finish it and start to do an arbitrary movement.

    - Do you have any suggestion to solve this and achieve the expected behaviour?

    - Is the movement of the external axis controlled from the APT file or in RoboDK?

    - How to change the orientation of the trajectory(curve) without modifying the reference frame to allows the robot to achieve the start pose?

    - Is it possible to modify the turn step of the external axis?

    - What is the best algorithm in this case, minimum tool orientation or tool orientation follows path?

Please find attached the .rdk file and the APT file.

Kind regards,

Attached Files
.rdk   print_with_external_axis.rdk (Size: 819.95 KB / Downloads: 378)
.nc   T3 Fabrication (Size: 98.42 KB / Downloads: 338)
Do the limits in rdk match the physical robot?

Is the axis able to run on an endless setting or is it limited to a specific range?

Have a look in optimise external axis settings, you can change priorities on all the different axis of the cell
Yes, I have tried all of that. The external axis range is from -240° to 240°. I have set the start position at 240 but the robot arrives at -240 and stop. I think the solution is to invert the direction of the external axis at each end of a layer or to return it to its initial position. That was just a small part of the trajectory the full trajectory is much bigger to print all the part.

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