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FANUC Robot Only Moving to First Target (Connection Problems)

Hello, I am having difficulty with a Fanuc r-30ib mate controller paired with a 200id mate robot. Whenever I try to run a program from RoboDK using the "Run on Robot" feature,  it stops after reaching the first target and shows "Connection Problems" in the bar showing if the robot is connected. Some possible reasons for error include the pointer showing what command it is on in RoboDk moves through all of the targets before the actual robot ever reaches the first one. I was thinking along the lines of a failure to wait until the program gets a handshake from the robot, but I am honestly not sure. I have re-installed RoboDK, the driver, and gone through all steps given on your website.
I just got back to you on the other thread that you are referring to:

You may have an error message on the robot with more details about the issue. Maybe you have strict joint limits which don't allow the robot to move to the first point. If you can provide us with the error log from the robot controller we can help you better.

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