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Failed to generate program ERROR - again.

Hi guys,

Any help on this please? 

Appears to only be an issue with the S4Y post - other posts output nicely.

Thanks in advance.....


Failed to generate program "Prog1" using the Post Processor "ABB_RAPID_S4C"
Post processor path:/Applications/
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/var/folders/s7/p0_83cm96gj8k097s7b1_qf00000gn/T/", line 42, in
File "/var/folders/s7/p0_83cm96gj8k097s7b1_qf00000gn/T/", line 37, in make_program
File "/Applications/", line 214, in MoveL
self.addline('MoveL [%s,[%i,%i,%i,%i],%s],%s,%s,%s,\WObj:=rdkWObj;' % (pose_2_str(self.FRAME_REF*pose), cf1, cf4, cf6,cfx, extaxes_2_str(joints), self.SPEEDDATA, self.ZONEDATA, self.TOOL_NAME))
File "/Applications/", line 1227, in __mul__
matm, matn = mat.size()
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'size'

Process output:
Total instructions: 2
Total instructions: 2

Python Post Processor process exit code: 1
Hi James,

Can you make sure that you are using the latest version of RoboDK?
"Main menu"->"Help"->"Check for updates"

If so, can you send me the .RDK file that gives you this error? Because I was not able to reproduce the error.

Hi, I am also getting this error.

I am using the latest version.

I have attached the RDK.

The robot will trace the SVG OK but won't generate robot code.


I fixed it :)

This line 

was MoveL, which generated:

in the last line of the file in appData

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