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Failed to generate program problem for KUKA KRC2 post processor

Hello all,

I'm experiencing difficulty while attempting to generate a robot program.
I checked the program on another PC and it works fine there. So first I checked if the interpreter and editor are correctly selected. as it was correct I reinstalled and installed the whole package again but the error is still with me.
I use KUKA KRC2 post-processor and a KUKA KR 16-2  robot and RoboDK ver.5.0.1
for more info, I attach the file I'm working on and the error pic.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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.rdk   Test_03.rdk (Size: 2.24 MB / Downloads: 403)
Can you try with the attached post processor? It forces UTF-8 codec.

Also, a quick workaround would be to remove the ß character from your tool name (or any other special characters from your tool and reference names).

What are the local settings of the PC where it doesn't work? The default encoding probably does not support German characters such as the ß character.

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.py (Size: 35.62 KB / Downloads: 466)
Albert thank you for the fastest possible reply.
I changed the tool name and the problem is solved. the funny thing is that the other PC works properly with ß character.
both computers using a German encoding system, that ß is defined as a standard character for them.

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