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False Configuration Change Detection

I have the Epson N6-A850 robot arm from the RoboDK online library in my station and I am trying to make it move from one target to another.
In the middle of the the linear movement I get a pop-up window saying: "The robot can't make a linear movement because of joint limits or the target is out of reach. Consider a Joint move instead.".
The robot is not actually close to any joint limits and the target is indeed in the robot's reach, the robot is also not in a singularity or close to it.
If I change the "Linear Move" to a "Search Linear" movement the movement is successful and if I then change it back to "Linear Move" the movement is still successful.
Once the movement is working, if I save and close RoboDK and then open it again, the problem returns.

The station file is attached and the problem occurs when running the "PnPReachTest" program.

The reach on the Epson N6-A850 robot in the robots library is stated as 1010mm instead of 850.

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