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Fanuc - Compile .LS to .TP program


I wonder, is there still posibility to compile .LS program to .TP program in RoboDK. 

In instuction:
is written, to set configuration in Options->Program, as show in the image in attachement (srceen1), but in new version RoboDK (5.0) is different menu option without that configuration options (screen2). 

Is that way of compilation program is still support in RoboDK?

Best regards,

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Hi Piotr,

I didn't realize these options were gone until you bring it up.
I'll keep you posted as soon as I know what's the new procedure.

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Hi Piotr,

These options were removed with RoboDK 5.0 as they were only used by the built-in versions of our post processors (older versions). We are updating our documentation accordingly.

You simply need to run the setrobot.exe file manually from the WinOLPC folder. Usually installed here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\FANUC\WinOLPC\bin
You should run it with Administrator privileges. You could also copy this folder somewhere else where you have administrator privileges.

If you installed Roboguide in another folder, you can modify the variable PATH_MAKE_TP to point the correct path where MakeTP is located.


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