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Fanuc Post Process issues

Hello, the post process for Fanuc robots has a few issues.

1. Generates programs with spaces in the name, Fanuc's don't accept spaces in program names.

2. As part of the above, program calls can't have spaces, but I assume this is tied into program name generation.

3. Program names on 30iA/B/B+ are limited to 10 characters. Program names on 30iA/B/B+ allow more then 10 spaces. I believe the RJ2/3 controllers were limited to 8 characters, but the 30iAs and 30iB/B+ allow for more. 30iA allows for 16 characters, and 30iB/B+ allow for 32, I believe. 

4. Robot targets in RoboDK that are saved in cartesian, but are utilized as a joint move print out in joint representation in the LS file. This is different then just being a J move on a Fanuc. The point data should be printed in the LS in cartesian, unless the rob target is specifically set to joint representation. The move type in the RoboDK program(MoveL/MoveJ) shouldn't affect the representation.

5. Creation date/last modified date is an arbitrary date, and not the date the program was generated.
Thank you for your feedback and overview on the behavior of different controllers.

What post processor are you using? The Fanuc R30iA post and Fanuc RJ3 post (default) should limit program names to 10 characters and remove special characters including spaces.

You can customize if you want joint values or Cartesian data for each target here:
  1. Tools-Options-Program
  2. Output for joint/linear movements: set to Joint or Cartesian data.
This behavior can also be forced using the post processor.

More information about selecting a post processor here:
Ah I didn't see that setting under Options>Program. That fixes that.

I am using the 30iA post processor. The 30iAs will allow longer names then 10 characters. I just tested both the RJ3 and the 30iA post processors and both do not remove blank spaces from program names.
Any update on the spaces in the program names?
Hi Andrew,

I'm sorry for the delay. We just updated all versions of the Fanuc post processors, this includes removing spaces and limit to 6-8 characters for RJ3 controllers.

You can take the latest version here:

All good, thank you.

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