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Fanuc Robot Axis 2/3 Interlock Limit Issue

I've only tried out the Fanuc 2000ic 210Fs and 165F arms but the axis 2/3 interlock is limiting axis 3 10-15 degrees too early. Attached is a screen capture of the robot maxed on axis 3 in robodk, and the same robot model in Fanuc RoboGuide showing what it's actual limit should be.

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Hi Andrew,

Can you give us the exact joint limits? J2 and J3 coupled axis as Fanuc uses are a bit tricky sometimes as the limits are not fixed.
We should be able to fix that issue in a timely manner.

These are the default values stored in the robot. Typically the J2/J3 Interlock limits are set to 0, and it generally relies on the axis 2 and 3 individual limits to stop it from crashing into itself.

-60 deg J2
-132 deg J3

76 deg J2
230 deg J3
In RoboDK you can double click the joint limits to enter new joint limits. Also, if your axes are coupled (which happens with all Fanuc robots), when you select the limits of Joint 2 or Joint 3 you'll see the interaction of J2-J3 in the joint space. You can then enter the 4 points to define the allowed chart.

I tried to use the values you provided to improve the joint limits for your robot attached.

Because of the J2-J3 coupling, joint limits for axis 3 are not fixed. Therefore, if you give us the limit for joint 3, we need to know what value was used for Join 2 to better understand. I believe the range for joint 3 remains virtually constant, however, collisions with the robot itself can arise with some robots like the Fanuc R2000iC 210F.


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.robot   Fanuc R-2000iC 210F.robot (Size: 772.06 KB / Downloads: 426)
Yeah, I'm not totally sure how Fanuc handles that on the software end. The values I gave are the hard coded default axis limits found in the fanuc vars.

Where is the J2/J3 limit screen you have pictured?
Hi Andrew,

Double click the lower joint limit for J2 in the robot panel and this window will pop up.


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