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Fanuc robot position register


I was wondering if it was possible to retrieve the position registers that are recorded in the teach pendant.

Thanks in advance.
I asked the team, we'll see if anyone has an idea.
But I don't think it's possible.

Apart from doing it manually, the only thing you could do would be to bring the robot to a point, connect to RoboDK and "get position" in the robot connection pannel.

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Hello thank you for your response, I have a follow up question. If it is not possible to retrieve position register from the teach pendant. Is it also not possible to retrieve the register values?
Yes, you can get or set register values by adding a second index after the position register index.

This is an example used by the Fanuc post processor in RoboDK to set a position register using Fanuc LS code:
 10:  PR[9,1]=50.000 ;
 11:  PR[9,2]=0.000 ;
 12:  PR[9,3]=450.000 ;
 13:  PR[9,4]=0.000 ;
 14:  PR[9,5]=30.000 ;
 15:  PR[9,6]=0.000 ;

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