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Faro Tracker not moving during robot calibration steps

I am going through the steps for doing a robot calibration. I noticed at the end of step 2 (tool calibration), and for all of step 3 (robot calibration), the laser tracker does not move to look for SMRs at estimated positions, like is seen in the 20 minute cal video. Instead the tracker will follow the current SMR or just stay in place if follow/track are disabled. Not a huge issue for the end of tool cal, but I don't want to manually track SMRs through all of robot cal. I can use the connect to Faro laser tracker panel to specify a location and the tracker will move in that case. Some questions
  • Is there a configuration of the Faro tracker features that's recommended (in terms of features like follow me, tracking, search) and might be blocking the movement?
  • Does it change for each step (tool cal vs robot cal)?
  • Is there an option in robodk that needs to be enabled to make the laser tracker move to these estimated positions?
  • Anything else I should be checking?

Thanks for the help

I was able to resolve this on my own. I had previously not setup a three point reference frame, but when I did and went through the entire procedure things seem to have resolved themselves.
Great, thank you for letting us know.

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