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First Move Post Processor UR 10e MoveJ

I am sanding curved parts with a compensating head on our UR 10e. I use Robot Machining and bring in a cl file from my CAM system. The problem i am having is that in Robo DK my sanding head is set to 283 mm this is the head compressed half way, the real head on the robot is 300 mm. I don't set the TCP in the script, we use what the robot has defined. The post processor generates the very first move as a moveJ with no pose, this is the start of my path with no TCP on, the post processor then generates a moveL with a pose of the exact same position, so because the head is different on the real robot then in RoboDK, the robot goes to the first point then moves up the difference of the 283 and 300 which looks wired. I'm wondering if this can be prevented some how, I am able to manually delete the first moveJ command but i don't want to have to remember to do that every time.

Any help would be appreciated
Hi Jcforme,

May I ask why you don't set RoboDK's TCP at 300 mm instead?

(07-11-2020, 12:29 AM)Jeremy Wrote: Hi Jcforme,

May I ask why you don't set RoboDK's TCP at 300 mm instead?


Hello Jeremy, i spoke to our OEM on this and I believe we will change this, we didn't initially because the thought was that if the head was swapped out, we didn't what to have to change all our programs but turns out that if we do have to swap the head, the new head will be the same so i am going to match the two and see if that works

Ok, good.

Have a great day.

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