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First PTP move position


How is this end position for first PTP movement defined and is there a way to set same position for every program? Maybe in post processor?

I have been making a lot of milling programs lately and this has been my concern because there seems to be no logic in where the robot is heading during the first PTP move.
Can you give more details about how you generate the milling program? Is it from a curve follow project?
I have done the milling toolpath in Fusion 360 and I get a .tap file from there. Then I make the robot program in RoboDK using Robot Machining Project and select the NC file in Path input.

It´s possible to check the real robot position and modify the first PTP motion joint values manually after code generation but it`s not really effective.
You can modify the approach and retraction paths in the Machining settings.

You can also modify the targets in the program itself by right-clicking the generated program and selecting "Show instructions"

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Thanks for your response, I´m familiar with these options but the first PTP position and approach point are not the same.

If I use one main program where I call the milling path as program call then I think this will be fine, then I can set a constant position for that PTP move and it always goes to same position. If the size or place of milling stock differs then I have to set the position again but maybe this cannot be avoided.

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