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Follow moving target

Is it possible to follow a moving target (and this way an object) with the TCP?

My Project would be to pick an object from a socket on a constantly rotating turntable and place it into another.
Currently my (Delta-)robot reads the last location of the target, moves there and picks or drops the object. But while this happens the turntable continues the rotating and it isn't the right position anymore.

So I thought what if the TCP follows the right socket(or a target above it) and meanwhile picks or drops the object.

I've attached a short video so you can imagine the setup: I have to move the red object from one green socket to another one while it rotates.
The only way I see to do that is to use the API, reach an approach position to your target, then start a loop moving the robot small steps at a time toward the part.

Something like (pseudo code):
MoveJ Target + 10Z

For i = 1 to 10
  MoveL Target + (10-i)
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