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"Following curve" preview not coherent with simulated trajectory

In the attached RoboDK file, when synchronizing axes and choosing "Priorizing external axis" in order to have only the table turning, the preview for the "curve following" is OK but the created trajectory does not correspond.

On the attached preview, you can see that the tool has always the same orientation relatively to the curve, like I wish. In my opinion that means that the flange will remain in the same position all along the trajectory, and it is OK for me.

However, when you click "Simulate", the position of the flange relatively to the curve during the trajectory changes, and I don't know why.

Does someone is able to explain me :
     - why the arm doens not remain static as shown in the preview ?
     - how to configure the synchronization parameters to have the arm at the same position where as the table is turning ?

Thanks in advance for your help

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.rdk   RoboDK_Help.rdk (Size: 525.31 KB / Downloads: 29)
hi Jbd,

Is that something you want?
please find the attachemnet.


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.rdk   test_station1.rdk (Size: 525.18 KB / Downloads: 29)
Hello Chris,
Yes, it is exactly what I want :-).
Thank you very much.
Now I am going to see and try to understand how you configured the "Follow curve project".
Thanks again
Hi Jbd,

The main modification in your project is "Turntable optimization" and check on the "Keep Comp" options to "No Comp."

Please find the attachment.

I am very happy that my suggestion can help you to solove the problem.

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