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Following real robot controller

I am working on the real robot controller Kuka KRC5 in office-PC mode (without robot kinematic) and i would like to see the virtual movements of the robot on the RoboDK screen. 
I have already connected the controller with the c3 Bridge Interface and I can get the actual position of the robot but the button needs to be pressed every time.
Is it possible to let the model of robot follow the real controller simultaniously ?
Yes, there is a script in the RoboDK folder, which constantly updates the position of all virtual robots by requesting information through the driver:
You can run this script with Tools -> Run Script (SHIFT + S) -> RobotsMonitor.
Hi Dmitry,

thanks for the help. At the beginning i had a problem that the script starts the communication but does not update the position.
Then i found out that i have to start the script with "run on robot" and update the initial position of the virtual and real robots. Now it works fine.

by the way - your c3 bridge is realy great!

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