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Function to get the pose of an object with respect to a given frame


it would be nice to have an API function to get the pose of an object with respect to a given reference frame. I don't do robot programming very often, but everytime I do, that function would have helped me. I have writen my own, but I think this function could easily provided by you and maybe help other users as well. 

Or is there such a function and I just didn't see it?

Kind regards,
Hi Martin,
Thanks for writing in.
That's a nice suggestion. You can use the below function:

def CalculatePoseFrame2Object(frame, part):
    """Calculate the pose of any object with respect to any reference in RoboDK"""
    # Get both poses with respect to the station reference (wrt-world coordinate system)
    framePoseAbs = frame.PoseAbs()
    partPoseAbs = part.PoseAbs()
    # Calculate the pose of the object relative to the reference
    pose = framePoseAbs.inv() * partPoseAbs
    return pose
# Take the object
obj = RDK.Item('Sphere')
# Retrieve the reference
frame = RDK.Item('Frame 2')
# Calculate the relationship
pose =  CalculatePoseFrame2Object(frame,obj)
# Display the result
RDK.ShowMessage("The relative pose is:\n" + str(pose))

Also, I have attached a station file where I use this function to calculate pose of a object with respect to another frame. I hope this helps you.

Let me know if you run into any other issues.


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