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Fusion 360 (2.0.17457 x86_64) API Incompatible with RoboDK Plugin

I have just installed the Fusion 360 plugin and Fusion 360 is reporting that the API is not compatible.
Where did you install the Fusion 360 plugin from?

You should take the latest version from our website or the RoboDK installer. You can find more information here:
(10-23-2023, 05:59 PM)Albert Wrote: Where did you install the Fusion 360 plugin from?

You should take the latest version from our website or the RoboDK installer. You can find more information here:

The plugin installed with RoboDK, and I tried the manual install as well after finding that it was not working. Fusion has recently updated, so this is a new thing, at least for me.
I just tested the RoboDK Addin for Autodesk Fusion 360 with the latest version and it works without issues (Autodesk Fusion 360 version 2.0.17457 x86_64, same as yours).

What version did you try?
What errors do you see?

I believe the manual install is v39, according to the folder name found in the downloaded archive.

The error dialog in Fusion 360 reads as follows:

API Error
Due to some internal changes made to the Fusion 360 API, the Add-In: 'RoboDK' from 'RoboDK Inc.' cannot be loaded. You need to install a new version of the Add-In that is compatible with this version of Fusion 360.

I will try installing both products on a clean workstation.
The v39 is a hardcoded path and it should work with all versions of Python. Just make sure you are not using an older version of the Addin.

At what moment do you see this error? When you load the addin or when you try to execute an action?
I have just installed Fusion 360 and RoboDK on a fresh machine. When I look for the Add-In in Fusion, it is not listed. My understanding was that the Add-In was installed as part of RoboDK. Do I now download the Add-In separately?

In the previous installation I see the error when Fusion first loads. The new install PC does not yet have the Add-In installed, so it is starting without errors.

I don't even see a download link for the Add-In. Now I'm not sure where I got the V39 installer. There is only one mention of RoboDK in the Autodesk App Store

I assume this is it.

I think I see the issue now. If you search for RoboDK on the Autodesk App Store, there is only one result, and that points to version 4.2.3. When you look at the Publisher information, it clearly states that there are two published apps. If you click on the publisher name (RoboDK), you are then shown both links, without version numbers, but the older version has all the stars, and the new version has no stars, which might lead one to click on the older link. I'll try this newer version now and see what happens.

I installed Fusion and RoboDK and RoboDK Add-In v.4.2.4 and the outcome now is no error message on startup, but RoboDK does not appear in the Add-Ins list. I will follow one more hunch and try installing on a PC that is not managed by our IT deperatment, and hence does not have any fancy anti-virus rules being applied. Stay tuned...
OK. I should have paid more attention to your suggestion to do the manual install. I did manually install, but I did not remove the copies that I installed from the App store. In later testing I skipped the manual install step, thinking the problem was just the wrong version selected from the app store.

The facts appear to be that Manual Install is the only method that is currently not broken. Going back to the original machine, removing and re-installing Fusion 360 and RoboDK, and then performing a manual install, the Add-in is working after restarting Fusion. The instructions do not explicitly say to restart Fusion, but that might be obvious to some of us.

Thanks for your help!
Wonderful, thank you for your feedback!

We requested Autodesk multiple times to update their installer so it is just a link to download from our website but they keep converting our zip into an installer and not updating it as we update our ZIP installer. We'll try to relaunch with them.

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