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Fusion 360 pluggin CAM path error

Hi to everyone!
I found a mistake on the RoboDK/Fusion360 combo. When I program a helix ramp on Fusion 360 CAM like the image (helix ramp path on red color)
Next, I export the CAM to RoboDK using the plugin. The spiral has not the right orientation. See the image.
This could be an error on the postprocessor of Fusion360 or an error on the RoboDK side.
I attach the CAM file in the post.
.apt   CAM_Spiral_bug.apt (Size: 74.42 KB / Downloads: 366)
Thanks guys and keep rocking with RoboDK.

I used the post processor menu in Fusion 360 with the FANUC post.    
I open the CNC file manually in Robodk and the helix path is correctly imported.

Seems like the post-processor that uses the plugin is not the best.
Hi Oxbrown,

Thank you for the detailed report about importing CAM files from Autodesk Fusion 360 to RoboDK.

We just released a new update so you can import spirals using the default APT post processor from Fusion:

Let us know if you find any other issues.

Hi Oxbown,
Can you provide the APT file when you use the post Common ISO 4343 APT in Fusion? (or the f3d file)
This update has actually created other bugs, mostly related to an internal tolerance to consider arcs as helix moves vs. circular moves.
Thank you,

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