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Fusion plugin on mac

Dear people,

I have some issues with the roboDK plugin for Fusion 360. I used it before without problems, but after an update it doesn't work anymore.
It is running on a mac and get the errors which are visible in the following image:


I guess it has something to do with the references to C:.... which is not present on a mac.

Looking forward to your reply and thanks in advance.
Hi Gertjan,

Can you reproduce this issue with the latest version of the RoboDK add in for Mac?

I recommend you to follow the steps described here:
Make sure to download the ZIP folder from our website.

Hi Albert,

Thanks for the fast response, I did what you asked.
I used another location before since the path given in the guide doesn't exist on a Mac and this worked.
Now I used the same location for the plugin files and it doesn't work anymore after the updates.

I have it running correctly on one mac but the same trick doesn't work on another one. (due to the updated versions I think)
Do you want me to check something else?


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