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Fusion360 Drill Path Heights Change in RoboDK


Could you help me with a question regarding the Load CAM Project in RoboDK from Fusion360 feature?

I'm trying to load a CAM toolpath from Fusion360 into RoboDK. It drills 12 holes at two differents heights. However when I load the CAM path into RoboDK using the Fusion360 Plugin the Z heights in the RoboDK path differ from those in the Fusion360 path.

The path in fusion360 is shown in the first image attached. Here it can be seen that all movement actions happen at the same heights and the drilling depths differ for a few different holes.

The RoboDK path is shown in the second image, here it can be seen that for the deeper holes both the movement height and the hole height are positioned lower then they should be. To move to the undeep holes the robot moves diagonally upwards. I've tried using a smalle offset correction to move the entire path upwards but then the undeep holes are not drilled anymore.

Is there a way to fix these paths so they stay level?

In addition to the two images I've also attached the RoboDK workstation, and a snapshot of the version and license info to this post.

To export the path I've used the method described in:
(So by using the Load CAM Project button)
I've already checked that the origin used in fusion360 manufacturing and the reference frame for the part match.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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.rdk   Fusion360_Export_Issue.rdk (Size: 1.3 MB / Downloads: 284)
Hi Koen,

Do you have the Fusion file?
It's indeed strange and I would like to investigate further.

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Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the response, you'll find the fusion360 attached to this post. It has a dependency on another part and I'm not sure how well fusion360 exports handle dependencies so I've attached that as well.

Btw I also tested with fanuc G-Code export and it showed similar issues, maybe at has something to do with the way G81 'Drilling Cycle' is handled?

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.zip   Fusion360 Drill Path Heights Change (Size: 292.41 KB / Downloads: 291)
sorry-it is an old post. i also have problems with the z heights. Is there a solution?

thank you
The Tool Z height compensation command is ignored by RoboDK when you load a robot machining project. Instead, you should recalibrate your tool (TCP) from time to time.

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