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G-Code Import Error

To whom it may concern,

I have encountered this G-code import error (picture attached) multiple times when dealing with circular movements. RoboDK does not seem to handle negative radius values. Is this a known issue?

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Hi gvhf, 

Have you tried activating this option:


Hi Jeremy,

Yes I have tried activating that option.  The G-code import then displays no errors; however, the path is warped so the issue was not fixed. I have attached the tool path (.apt) and a picture of the imported path, which is supposed to be a simple cylinder.

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.apt   cavitycyl.apt (Size: 12.63 KB / Downloads: 422)
Hi gvhf,

I informed our dev team of the issue and the other issue you bring here:

Thank you Jeremy! I appreciate the timely replies. Please keep me/this thread updated whenever the issues are resolved.
Hi Jeremy,

I have generated a sample 5-axis path (.apt tool path and figure attached). The .apt file carries the correct tool orientation; however, that orientation is not recognized when imported into RoboDK (figure attached) through a robot machining project. Two of the pyramid faces have the correct orientation, but two do not.

Thank you

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.apt   testingpathpoints.apt (Size: 5.68 KB / Downloads: 418)

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