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Gantry-based simulation issue

Hi, there
1. I am trying to use RoboDK to simulate one gantry-based system. Within this test, One "Gudel FP 1 300 Base" is used for the movement in X/Y direction, and I draw a cylinder to simulate an nozzle which can roated around the cylinder axis.
2. The working flow is detailed as below:
   2.1 Nozzle pick up the grey board and move to a new place (with translation and roatation), drop the grey board.
   2.2 Nozzle move away.
   2.3 Camera take image of the grey board.
3. What I am doing right now is to change the reference frame of the grey board.
    3.1 Before moving to a new place, change support of the grey board to Nozzle.
    3.2 Nozzle together with the grey board move to a new place 
    3.3 In the new place, change support to Conveyor.
    3.4 Nozzle move away
4. I know this is not the right/easy way to simulate this procedure, so far I couldn't find a better way. And the manual operation(right click | change support to xxx) is annoying. pls share your suggestions and ideas, many thanks.
Could you share the RoboDK project (RDK file)?
It would be much easier for us to help you.



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