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Gcode G03 arcs not converting to Linear Point moves

I am trying to import gcode scripts into robodk but I am having some inconsistent results when interpreting the G03 command. The G03 is commanding a helical downward plunge. On one gcode file the helix is correctly interpreted, however on the other script the arc conversions seems to fail, and the path is a linear zig-zag across the plunge hole. I have set in the options-CAM tab to "split arcs" as seen in the screenshot. The gcode syntax seems identical to me between the failed and successful gcodes. Is there some other setting I am missing? I have attached the .nc files and screen shots from robodk.

I should add that I updated to the lasted robodk v5.6.2

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.nc (Size: 30.43 KB / Downloads: 159)
.nc (Size: 46.36 KB / Downloads: 145)
Thank you for reporting this issue with such detailed examples. We just fixed this helix import issue with the latest release of RoboDK for Windows 64 bit. You can download the latest version and try again. Let us know if it doesn't work.

I tested with both your G-code and NC files and it seems to work now.

This was a bug and I moved this thread to the bugs section.
Great! I reinstalled v5.6.2 and it is working now. Thank you

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