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Generate robot program does not list my robot as 'Post Processor'

I am using RoboDK to create off-line simulated xArm programs since it has models for xArm, UFactory's 6 axis cobot. UFactory also has an educational 4 axis arm called uArm. 
I created a station in RoboDK using xArm as my robot, since I own a uArm6, and was hoping to 'Generate robot program.'
However, when prompted to select post processor, only uArm option is available. Do you know if selecting that will generate a proper program for xArm? I also sent a note to UFactory, however, I am not sure who best to address my need.
Thanks for considering my question. I am a teacher at a high school hoping to introduce them to RoboDK using xArm in a few weeks.
Hi, @garram.

I'm never touched a xArm before, bus I already looked at their documentation, and If I recall correctly, it is programmed through a block interface, more or less like

The uArm post-processor on RoboDK generates G-Code, as far I can tell.

I think the best option is make a simple program on RoboDK, export it with uArm post-processor, and try to import it using xArm Studio.
I noticed the G-Code in the resulting .cnc file, when uARM selected. I just have not yet found how to or if I can import G-Code using xArm Studio, which also supports Python in addition to Blockly. I am also a bit weary that it would work since uARM is a 4-axis arm and my xArm is a 6-axis arm. Thanks for reply.

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