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Generate subprogram instructions

Is there any way to generate not only the Program Call instruction in the G-Code but the whole Subprogram with all it's movements?

So I've tried this method in my Main-program:
prog1 = RDK.Item('Path1', ITEM_TYPE_PROGRAM)

while prog1.Busy():

And also the RunProgram command.
Both of these generated only the Program call instruction in the G-Code and not the sub-program(Path1) itself.
.PROGRAM MainProg()
 ; Program generated by RoboDK v5.4.1 for Kawasaki RS050N on 07/03/2022 10:09:18
 CALL Path1

Is it possible to generate the whole Path1 sub-program when I generate my Main?
Check "Inline subprograms"
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