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Get Joint Speeds for a Robot Path using Python API

I'm trying to use the Python API to get the joint speeds of a robot based on a constant tool speed for a tool path created by a series of MoveL commands. It looks like InstructionListJoints may be able to provide this information however I couldn't figure out how to use it. 

An example of InstructionListJoints would be helpful, or a suggestion for a better method, thanks.
Maybe the best option is to obtain the position [x,y,z] each second, and do physical concept of velocity with the combination of the 3 components of velocity you will calculate. I was searching on python API and I didn't figure out nothing that clearly gives you the joint's velocities. Maybe there is a better way to do it.
With the latest version of RoboDK you can extract timings for your joint list. Make sure to provide flags=2 or flags=3

# Split your program by steps of 1 mm and 1 deg
message, data, success = program.InstructionListJoints(mm_step=1, deg_step=1, flags=2)

data is a Matrix with columns containing the following information:
[J1, J2, ..., Jn, ERROR, MM_STEP, DEG_STEP, MOVE_ID, TIME, X_TCP, Y_TCP, Z_TCP, Speed_J1, Speed_J2, ..., Speed_Jn]

You can then map the times with the joint positions.

More information here:
The C# documentation is more complete regarding the effect of changing the flags.

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