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Get with robot issue

the "Get with Robot" function does not seem to work properly. I have imported a cube into a RoboDK station and want to get it with a robot. However, when using the "get with robot" function, the robot does not move to the cube so that the tool coordinate system matches the cube coordinate system. I have attached a small example to illustrate the problem
.rdk   Get with robot.rdk (Size: 119.2 KB / Downloads: 428) .
Thank you for your help,
Hi Matthias,
The "Get with robot" option will make the robot tool to move to the object location.
What exactly are you trying to accomplish?
Hi Albert,
I want to use this function to simplify the programming of a gripping task. Unfortunately, the robot does not move in such a way that the tool coordinate system is congruent with the object coordinate system. So I first have to reorient the tool to be able to grip the object from an upper position. Even if I rotate the coordinate system of the object, the robot always grabs the object from the front. Normally objects are gripped from above.
Hi Matthias,

Using the "Get with Robot" option in RoboDK won't change the orientation of the robot. It will match the TCP with the object position.

You can instead manually adjust it (approximately), then, right click the robot and select "Align Tool Orientation".


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