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Getting Inputs from UR10 to RoboDK


Previously I have gotten help in making the UR10 able to connect to RoboDK. Now we would like to get inputs from sensors connected to the robot however both getAI and getDI will make the robot throw an "unexpected instruction error"

We are using a CB2 running Polyscope 1.8.25319 to operate the robot
You can configure the controller version to 1 for the robot controller. You can find the instructions here:
I do have the version set to 1, in the connection log it says: Warning using older controller compatibility (IO not supported), is it really not possible to use IO at all with robodk and this version of the UR controller?
Try setting the controller version to 2. You may have access to some inputs/outputs but not the ones on the tool.
Setting the controller version to 2 results in the same error

"unexpected instruction" on the teachpad

"using older controller compatibility(IO not supported)" in the connection log
If you have a professional license you can contact us via Help-Request support and we can work with you to create a dedicated driver that can make digital outputs work with your controller.
We are using an educational license, requesting help redirects me to the forums so I have made a thread requesting IO support for UR10 CB2 to be added to robodk.
OK great, we'll take it into account for future improvements.

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