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Getting pose with respect to different reference frames

Hello everyone, 

I was wondering if it is posible to get the pose of an item with respect to different reference frames. 
For example, when I go on options of an item I can chose to look at different coordinates with respect to different reference frames, but when I use item.pose() it gives me the item coordinates with respect to the reference frame the item is in but I need to get the item coordinates with respect to the robots base. 

Any help would be appreciated.
Hi Manthas,

You can grab the absolute position of the object and the absolute position of the robot base and compare both values.

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Hey Jeremy,

I have a similar problem to Manthas where I need to set the position of an object with relation to a different reference frame than its parent through the API.

Our system makes use of a positioner and a robot arm with a laser scanner. By using the laser scanner, we can identify the position of the part with respect to robot coordinates however the part must be associated to the positioner for the curve follow project to generate the motions for the positioner. 

While I could first load the part into RoboDK with the location relative to the robot then use the available functions to calculate where it would be in relation to the positioner before modifying its pose and reassigning its parent to the positioner frame, it would be significantly more efficient if I could set the location of the part relative to the robot while its parent was the positioner frame (as can be done through the user interface).

Any information would be appreciated.



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