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Grabbing more than one object using a robotiq gripper.

I'm trying to grab an object (tray) using a robotiq gripper. I have other objects on the tray (cookies) and I haven't been able to grab the tray with the cookies together. I'm using an event instruction command (image attached) and selecting the 12 different cookies and the tray but the gripper is only able to move the tray but not the cookies. Two questions: 

1. Any idea about how to fix this problem ?

2. How can I replace this 'event instruction' command using python ? 

Note: The only solution I could find to pick up these 13 different objects was to repeat 12 different times the instruction 'Attach to gripper' but I don't like this solution.

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Hi Daniel, 

You can use:

Item should be the item to grab.
ParentName should be the gripper name.


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