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Graphics Analisys in ROBODK

I used the Free Colision Map, to optimizate the trajetory in my simulation. And now I need to analise the desplacement of the robot and the variability of the Joit Speed x Cycle Time. So I would like to ask you if it is possible in ROBODK to generate graphics to analise this things or to use MatLab to generate graphics using RoboDK values?
You can't generate graphics in RoboDK. However, you can retrieve some data related to your program using the Update command.

If you have Matlab I recommend you to look at the plot function as it will allow you to create nice charts.
Thank you very much for the help Albert. I was searching for the Update command in "" and I have found "5.11. Estimated cycle time", that use the Update command. And I used in my simulation and now I can see the relation about Joint Speed, Linear Speed and Cycle Time with a lot of values and then I put in MatLab to plot the graphics, was pretty good.

I have only more two questions...I am not so good in phyton progamation, so how can I change the parameters that will be analysed at the Update command, for example, I need to analyse the aceleration x speed, or the movements of each joint, what commands I put to work this ?

And the last question is that I am using a Scara robot (Staubli TS60) in my simulation, is for my final project in my Universiy, so I would like to know about the max speed of the robot. I was seeing the robot datasheet and about the max speed appeared the "max speed for each axis: Axis 1: 450 °/s - Axis 2: 520 °/s - Axis 3: 2100 mm/s - Axis 4: 2020 °/s". So it's posible to change the speed of each axis in ROBODK? Because I would like to put the max speed (linear/joint) of the robot (TS60) in the simulation, but I don't know how.
This example may help you extract a table of cycle time vs. speeds:
This example changes the robot speed, if you have an instruction to set the speed it will override your robot speed.

It is currently not possible to specify per axis speed in RoboDK.
OK Albert , thank you very much !

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