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Gripper OnRobot Python

Hi, I'm using a UR3 universal robot and I have an OnRobot gripper, but I don't know how I can handle this gripper from the RoboDK, in the Polyescope it is handled by a URCap
You can customize your post processor and integrate programs in the robot header. For example you can add the functions RobotiQ_2F_Open or RobotiQ_2F_Close in the header section. If you are using a Universal Robots robot you'll see some sample functions added in the header. You may need to open a SCRIPT program to see how RobotiQ manages grippers behind the scenes and customize your integration.

More information about post processors and how to customize them here:
Hi again, maybe is posible get a example with gripper, I am trying to do this, but i am confuse,

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