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Group multiple step files into one frame

Hi all.

I am new at RoboDk, so please bear with me :) 

I need to figure out how to "group" multiple step files into one, such that when I e.g. have the following:

1) A table
2) A carton box 
3) A foam piece
4) Another foam piece.

These are shown in the attachment. 

So what I would like, is to group them all the e.g. the tabel frame, such that when I rotate the whole table, all the others follows so to say, i.e. they move in relation to the tables reference frame. And I would also like to ungroup them again afterwards.

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Hi clh,
You can simply create yourself a reference frame, put all your objects into that reference frame and then only move the reference frame.
That way, the objects will always keep their position with respect to that reference frame.

Have a good day.
Hold the SHIFT key if you already placed the object where you want it to avoid having to reposition it. The Shift key will make sure to reference the object's absolute position in the station when moving it to another reference frame.

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