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HSM Software for Stäubli Robot


I'm currently working on a machining project using a Stäubli robot and a spindle. I have been informed by our Stäubli manufacturer that we require ‘HSM Software’ in order to control the robot and spindle. Currently I don't have access to the physical robot/spindle and therefore I can't perform any tests on the system.

I am currently using Mastercam to create the machining path and tooling for the robot. From my current understanding the internal post-processor of RoboDK is sufficient for generating programs for the Stäubli robots however, I would like to check the following;
1 – Can the feed rate and spindle rotation speed of the machining path be overridden from within RoboDK?
2 – Can the the cutting tool diameter and length be modified from within RoboDK?
3 – Is RoboDK able to help with determining the ideal cutting parameters for a given machining operation?
Thank you in advance for your help.
Hi Nathman,

Hope you are well.

1 - We generally recommend using the parameters provided by the CAM software, but yes, you can modify the speed parameter in RoboDK. Once a GCode is imported and the Robot machining project is updated, you can right-click the program -> "Show instructions", find the "set speed" instruction (usually within the first few lines") and modify the value. But that method can be tricky if you often switching back and forth between the "fast speed" and the "feed rate".

2 - Length yes, diameter not really.

3 - As RoboDK is not aware of the material used, the diameter of the tool, and others, not it can't help you with that. But Mastercam should be pretty good at that as it's one of the main feature of a CAM software.

Hope it clarifies things.
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Hi Jeremy,

Thank you very much for your response.

I just wanted to confirm one thing, is RoboDK capable of programming the Stäubli TX200 without an additional piece of software (i.e. manufacturer HSM software)? 
Another question, is live feedback obtainable from an online connection with the robot? For example, if a sensor was mounted on the robot could data from this be analysed and used live within the RoboDK connection? 

- Nathman
Hi Nathman,

If you are hesitating about purchasing the Staubli HSM software package for robot machining, I believe this is a nice thing to have but not essential (please check with Staubli). In RoboDK you can create programs for one or more tools and you can use it for robot machining when you combine it with CAM software.

Among other things, I believe that by purchasing the Staubli HSM package you get some tools to allow you to change the robot tools and they may also calibrate the robot to make it more accurate.


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