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Having difficulty with making "Model Mechanism or Robot"

Hello there.
I'm making new robot mechanism for robot simulation and i imitated ESI C7.

Here is problem.
After finished making Mechanism and i checked joint moves properly.
But "Tool Frame with respect to Reference Frame" gose other way(not following Arrow).

best regards,

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.rdk   Indy7_230622.rdk (Size: 4.01 MB / Downloads: 194)
These robots use an iterative kinematic since the wrist is not aligned with the base Z axis (value in d5).

I suspect this problem happens if you try to modify the robot after it's creation, this happen only with robot using iterative kinematic. 

I suggest re-creating the robot with all the correct values in the DH parameters. If you need to modify it after, you might need to re-create it for the kinematic to work correctly.

I joined a working version of the robot.

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.robot   INDY7.robot (Size: 1.2 MB / Downloads: 155)
Hello Oliver.

How do I define a wrist that is not aligned on the z-axis? (D5)
I couldn't put in the D5 value when I was writing the industrial 6-axis robot, so I modified the parameter value afterwards.
If possible, I would like to know your work process.

I attached a picture of converting a 3d file into 2d and creating a distance value.

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.pdf   indy7_dim.pdf (Size: 121.88 KB / Downloads: 155)
I didn't know what version the company has, so I updated it to version 5.5.0
Licenses are applied and d5 values can be added.
I'll try again when I get to work next week.
Thanks once again.
Problem solved!
After v5.4 i can added d5 value.

New in RoboDK v5.4.0 (2022-02-07)
* Improved the "Model mechanism or robot" menu
* Added option to model parameter d5 when building a 6-axis robot arm
* Improved Omron posts
* Officially updated/refactored the Python API (GitHub)

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.robot   INDY7.robot (Size: 256.4 KB / Downloads: 147)
Perfect! Thank you for your feedback.

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