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Help Using a Robot for Drilling

Hello friends. 
I want to open the holes and pools in the file given as xt in the attachment. I came across this site while browsing the internet. Material 12mm corian. The bottom of the sheet is 3mm 6060 aluminum. I installed the free version of the program but I'm inexperienced. Can you help me with the appropriate robot, coffee table and tool? I want to invest in robots, if appropriate. Many thanks to everyone for their help in advance.

Best regards,

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.step   PROTOTIP FINAL_step.STEP (Size: 448.57 KB / Downloads: 488)
This is a very wide question, I recommend you to follow this guide to create a new project:

You can use the feature "Program-Teach Targets on Surface" to easily create targets for drilling and validate reachability.

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