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Help connect AR2 with RoboDK

    Hello good Morning
I cannot move the AR2 robot from Annin robotics with RoboDK. it tells me that access is denied
I already upload the file to the arduino mega, In RoboDK download and install the AR2 robot with the postprocessor and the controller from the RoboDK library but it does not connect with the robot
I attach a picture
I appreciate your help
Hi Pedro,

This is normal since we currently dont have a driver to connect and control the AR2/3.

We do have a post-processor that can generate programs for this robot. However, the AR2/3 software kinematic solver does not follow the same standard kinematic rules as RoboDK.
The issue is we end up having the flange's xyz always in the wrong orientation, no matter the DH parameters.

I talked to Mr.Annin about this issues and he said he would provide a fix somewhere by the end of the summer.

Thank you for answering, I will be very aware
good day
What is this post processor? Is it from another robot, or is there a post processor for this particular robot?
Hi Pedro,

There is one particular post-processor for the AR2/3. 
Right click on the robot -> Select Post Processor -> AnninRobotics.

Please be aware that its not fully fonctionnal yet.
Since the y axis on his software is reversed, it will not work correctly.

Until he provide a fix on his software's reverse kinematic, there is not much we can do.

Thank you! It's just that when I was dealing with this issue, there was no postprocessor for AR2 yet. It is very good that it was written. Most importantly, work is underway on this issue. This is very necessary for the integration of AR2 and RoboDK.

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