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Hide mechanism/robot by instruction

I need to program a tool changer and need to hide the tool on stand and show the tool on robot when the robot picks a tool.

But the event for hiding objects/tools only allows that. My tool is a mechanism and it is not allowed to hide/show by this event instruction.

How can I hide/show a mechanism by an instruction?

Or how can I convert a mechanism to a tool? 

As for now I had to work like the attached image looks.

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It is not possible to show/hide mechanisms using the event instruction. Instead, I recommend you to use use the macro attached to provoke this effect. This is a small Python program you can add to your project and trigger the visibility change with a program call.

In your case this would look like this:

DisplayItem(GripperRibs, Show)
DisplayItem(GripperRibs, Hide)


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Cool, thanks a lot, I am gonna test it!

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