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How Does the BuildMechanism Function Work? (C#)

I'm using the NuGet C# package, but general clarification would be appreciated. From what I understand, the BuildMechanism function allows a mechanism to be added programmatically with a whole host of settings. My issue is that I don't know how the arguments work at all.

There are 8 mandatory arguments:

    type - enum determining DOF
    listObjects - some list of IItems?
    param - a list of doubles as params? What length should this list be?
    jointsBuild - another list of doubles?
    jointsHome - another list of doubles?
    jointsSenses - another list of doubles?
    jointsLow - another list of doubles?
    jointsHigh - another list of doubles?

Can anybody give an example of how to use this, or have a breakdown of what each argument should be?

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