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How are stiffness, mass, and COG used in robot calibration

We are using RoboDK to calibrate the DH parameters for our robot. Because we have a very large payload on the robot, we would also like to use the stiffness, mass, and COG when calculating forward kinematics. However, since we are using our own code to calculate forward kinematics, we need to use the same model for calculating FK as RoboDK for the parameters to make sense.

Some things we are confused by:
  • The mass and COG is zero for joints 1, 2, 4, and 6 (see attached image)
  • The COG is a single number and not a vector in the link's coordinate frame.


If someone could provide some guidance on how we could use the stiffness, mass, and COG (along with the DH parameters) to compute FK on our own so that we know we are doing it the same way as RoboDK, that would be helpful.


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