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How can I customize my Post processor


Can you point me towards a tutorial on how I can customize Post-processor to Integrate specific sensors or actuators such as grippers, force control or image processing?
Hi Vasu,

Follow this link:


I have already read the information on this link. But, one thing was not clear for me. Editing these post-processors only sets the constraints in the simulation platform right? If I generate a robot program with a modified post-processor, will those constraints be applied when we run the script on the real robot?

Also, is it possible to modify the post-processor in such a way that the Joint velocities are dependent on the force information (given the robot is sending the force sensor information to an external pc which is running RoboDK)?
Hi Vasu,

It's the other way around, modifying the post-processor does not affect the simulation platform, it only affects the generated programs and therefore the script to be executed on the robot controller.

Don't confuse the post-processor with the general API, mostly used as macros, that can affect the behavior of the simulation AND affect the behavior of the robot.


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