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How do I calculate new targets as offset from one original target?

Hello! I have a RoboDK simulation with a Kuka robot where I taught one target in a frame. I want to generate a list of new targets that are calculated offsets from that single target inside that same frame.

Basically, I have a stack of items in a box and I want to calculate pick points and approach points for all those items. I'd like to create targets that are all calculated offset from the one taught target that I made.

What would be the best way to do this? I've been trying to access the data from the target I created in the simulator so I can just apply offsets in the X,Y, and Z directions, but the Item data type doesn't allow me to do that.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
You can retrieve the XYZ values of your target from the pose position (Pos function).

Example in Python code:
pose = target.Pose()
x, y, z = pose.Pos()
new_xyz = [x, y, z+10]

Or even better, you can offset your target by pre-multiplying the target pose by your translation pose if you want to apply the offset with respect to your coordinate system.

Example in Python code:
target.setPose( transl(0,0,10) * target.Pose() )

Also, if you post-multiply the target pose you'll be applying an offset with respect to the tool (TCP):
target.setPose( target.Pose() *  transl(0,0,10) )

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