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How do I get info on licenses that our company has purchased?

Hello RoboDK, 

did not know where to post this. sorry if this should have been posted elsewhere.

Our company (NuVasive) purchased licenses for RoboDK more than 1 year back. Supposedly, we purchased two licenses. 

What's the best way to check the licensing situation? How can we access the license. No one at our company knows much about it. The employee that originally handled this has left the company, and our internal I/T department does not handle any boutique software such as RoboDK.

Please advise. 


Hi Lisandro,

I can see in our system you guys have 1 license purchased in march 2020.

Please send an email at we will provide your license key.

Note the maintenance expired Mars 2021, therefore you won't have access to the latest version of RDK unless you purchase the maintenance.

Find useful information about RoboDK and its features by visiting our Online Documentation and by watching tutorials on our Youtube Channel

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the reply. I'll will do as suggested and send an email at

Thanks again for the help.


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